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A new art show and some new work. And some clowning around.

Hi, all!

Above is a picture of one of the last paintings I made in Paonia (*apologies about its blurriness; I will re-photograph and re-post it).  It’s called “Suddenly, Harold Was Nervous…”. 24 x 24 x 1.5.  In all modesty, I love it.  I think it’s one of the most unique pieces I’ve done, and I had a tremendous amount of fun with it.  The background is my usual dictionary text, with an added twist: vintage papers around the edges of the painting.

Here’s the story behind the vintage papers: way back in early April, the Cape Codder did an article about me and my residency and my Kickstarter project and the fact that I hail from the Cape (click here to read it).  A Wellfleet resident named Glen–a man I’ve never met–read the article and thought I might be able to make use of his houseful of old papers he’s been collecting for years.  When I arrived at Elsewhere Studios for my residency, I was greeted with an envelope full of vintage receipts, ads, newspapers…you name it….mostly from the US but also a lot of foreign text.  This complete stranger had looked up the address to Elsewhere and sent me a care package.  I made him a piece of art for his troubles.  Random acts of kindness from strangers are still alive and well in this world.  Pay it forward!

Last week, I hung a show at Jo Mama’s Bagels in Orleans, MA, through the rest of the month.  I crammed the little space full of a good number of the houses & cityscape paintings I made in Paonia, along with the “Harold” piece.  I put a heftier-than-usual price tag on that one—$600—because I kinda don’t want to part with it.  I doubt it’ll sell in the next few weeks, and I think I’ll take it off the market after that.  Over the years, I can still remember a few pieces I wish I hadn’t parted with, and I need to be more careful about that.  Making money off your art is great, but once a piece is gone, it’s gone.  I’ve done really well with the show in the ten or so days it’s been up; I think I’ve sold 3-4 on my miniature animals in hats (2″ x 2″ and 3″ x 3″), one 8 x 10 black-and-white cityscape, one cityscape on mat board, and one colorful 12 x 12 cityscape painted over sheet music.  And I still have a few weeks to go!  Clearly, a busy cafe in the middle of a bustling Cape Cod town in the middle of August is a good market for my work.  And the bagel store’s brightly-painted walls really make my art pop.  Thanks, Jo Mama’s!

Now that I’ve found a (temporary) home for my Colorado art, I’m starting to think ahead.  My partner-in-craft Karissa Jo Kloss and I are applying for a booth at this year’s Boston Bizarre Bazaar.  The Bizarre Bazaar is an *awesome* alternative craft show that only happens in four cities across the country, for one day a year, for six hours.  It’s so wildly popular that the line wraps around the building and down the block hours before the doors even open.  They only accept 80 vendors a year, and the jury is extremely selective, which is why every craft you see is so unique.  Karissa is going to apply to sell her hippos and her new manatees (*squee!  Cuteness overload alert!!), and I’m applying to sell my sock critters….and necklaces!  As part of my collaborative Paonia art show with fellow artist Maya, I covered about twenty tiny canvases in dictionary pages, and he painted his signature bird on them…and then screwed little hooks into the tops and turned them into necklaces (examples in the photo gallery below).  Why did I never think of that?!  So I ordered a box of 100 tiny canvases and bought eye hooks and necklace chains, and am getting to work on making 100 necklaces.  I’m thinking of doing a few houses and a few animals in hats.  Suggestions, as always, are welcomed.  Our Bizarre Bazzaar application is due September 5th; wish us luck!

Yep…I can make sock critter faces.



And just for kicks, here’s me clowning around with one of my critters.






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One thought on “A new art show and some new work. And some clowning around.

  1. NicoleT. on said:

    If you are in love with Harold, you should keep him. Mark him as sold on the exhibit and keep him. That is such a fun, adorable, heart-pulling piece and it sounds as though you’d be more crushed if it found a home that wasn’t yours than you would be at selling a piece of your art. Keep him.

    But make more like him because it is absolutely a fantastic piece!

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