with one smile
Itty bitty necklace!

Adorable necklace alert!

In addition to making adorable sock critters, I now also make adorable necklaces made out of adorable miniature canvases.

So far, I’ve made about twelve–all birds and houses–although I intend to branch out into my whimsical vintage animals in hats, as well as the popular series of juxtaposed famous writers quoting famous rappers.  Stay tuned for more, but for now, here’s a sneak-peek.  I have them hanging (*or, more accurately, I have them puttied to the walls, to avoid thumb tack holes) at the bagel store, which is why the cords hang down off the sides in these pictures.  I did buy proper necklace-displays for future craft-fair use.  I’m submitting these necklaces along with my sock critters to Bazaar Bizarre…wish me luck!

And wow, it’s wonderful to be able to *wear* your own art.  What a great way of advertising your wares!  Oh, and I’m retailing them for $22 right now.  I’ve sold almost all of my 2″ x “2 paintings at the bagel store show, and those go for $18, so I thought $22 for the necklace version was fair.  I’ll keep you posted on whether or not I sell any; I might have to lower the necklaces to $15-18.  Unfortunately, my bagel store show comes down Saturday, but man did I have a good run.  One of my shortest and most successful shows ever, in terms of how much art I sold in such a short amount of time.

In other news, I ordered the Square card reader for my iPhone (it’s a little thingie that plugs into the top of your phone and allows you to accept credit card payments).  The device is free, and they take a fairly modest percentage of your sales.  I had the opportunity to give it a whirl this week when I sold two of my paintings to a lovely couple from LA!  You just enter the amount, swipe their card, and they sign the screen with their fingertip and opt to either have their receipt emailed or texted to them.  And the money’s in my bank account within 24 hours.  BAM!  Amazing!  Now I can peddle my art on the go!

Fair warning: if we run into each other on the street, I’m totally going to make you buy the canvas necklace I’m wearing, and I’m making you pay by credit card so that I can feel fancy.  You’ve been warned.


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