with one smile

My Google search history over the past three months, part 2


(accompanied by a gratuitous picture of my hair in the snow).

“serial killer podcasts”

“splendid torch”


“opposable thumbs”

“wait wait don’t”


“adventure time”

“coloring book vagina”

“milla jovovich fifth element”

“civil war font”

“pubic hair dye”

“how to freeze rows in excel”

“ninety brand shirt polka dot green blue”

“rules for Clue Jr.”

“oyster dip”

“how do you make a tom collins”

“linocut tree snow”

“song Jack Daniels commercial”

“Grateful Dead socks”

“can you wear glasses while using SAD lamp?”

“snow penis”

“how to sew a patch onto pants”


“jose feliciano one eye?”

“silent movie titles”

“Sir Patrick Moore”

“billowing cape”


“monkey town”




“evel knievel”

“boll weevil”

“wizard of oz killing spree”

“dirty chai”

“amelia earhart”

“big bird open the window romney”

“back to the future destination date & time”

“how much do 24 bottles of molson canadian cost?”

“social security”

“bake yam in oven”

“difference between yam and sweet potato”

“bake sweet potato in oven”



“cocoanut grove fire”

“new kids on the block”

“winter snow queen makeup”


“boots and cats”

“is will ferrell on twitter?”

“boudoir wedding photos”

“banned books”



“the Rock”

“what is a sous chef?”

“Dirt Devil won’t turn on”

“recipe kale chips”

“photograph wig in water”

“we can throw our dreams to the wind”

“when life gives you lemons”

“french creamer dairy free soy free almond mimi meme”

“dr. funke’s 100% natural good time family band solution”


“hedgehog chia pet”

“iceland cat party”

“what happens when you swallow gum”

“arrested development pool toy”


“love caught in the slamming door”

“lesbian senator”


“colorado marijuana”

“spain gay”

“da vinci code”


“bueller bueller bueller”

“electric blanket cancer”

“lost colony of roanoke”

“how long does blue cheese last”

“lemonade berry”

“drunk Kickstarter”

And finally…..”how to delete Google search history.”

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2 thoughts on “My Google search history over the past three months, part 2

  1. I cracked up numerous times.

  2. Hilary Emerson Lay on said:

    Mission accomplished!

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