with one smile

about me

261981_10152218551220019_363830202_nMy name is Hilary.  I’m a super-friendly, high-energy, spunky, pink-haired, tattooed artist.  I sew wonky critters out of socks, paint mixed media cityscapes, create portraits of animals wearing hats, render vintage pin-up girls with a modern twist, and take (and paint) lots of self-portraits.  I live and work in Northampton, Massachusetts with my ceramicist husband, Isaac.

This blog started off as a platform for me to talk about my journey during my three-month art residency in Paonia, CO, back in 2012, but it has since evolved into a blog about my art, and my life, and who I am, and who I was, and the space in between those things.

Other links to my online adventures:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hilaryemersonlayart

Twitter: @HilaryLayArt

Flickr: www.flickr.com/hilaryemersonlay

Upcoming/ongoing venture: http://www.unchartedstudios.org


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